Recording and Rehearsal Studios in Leeds

The Pinnacle for any drum teacher is when their students go into a recording studio for the first time.

Making the step up from performing in your bedroom to performing in a professional environment can be a daunting one and a big challenge, so it always helps to record with a studio which creates an environment to make everything a little less intimidating.

Drum Lessons Leeds have taken a look at the facilities the city has to offer and selected the three we find suit musicians best.

Old Chapel Studios

Old Chapel is one of Leeds' longest-running music studios and claims to be the first purpose-built facility in the city. They have changed venue twice since their establishment in 1982  and have had significant success since, recording for some of the cities biggest groups including The Pigeon Detectives and none other than Kaiser Chiefs. Four rehearsal studios are available here too for reasonable prices and all recording rooms are kitted out with enough high tech equipment to build a time machine. 

A rehearsal studio that attracts world-famous bands like the Kaiser Chiefs is going to have perfect acoustics and sound capture, and you know the staff here are going to be friendly, so recording with Old Chapel is going to be an experience you'll remember forever!

The Old Chapel, Crossland Court, Czar Street, Leeds, LS11 9PR.

Telephone: 0113 2465173


Burning Studios

Burning Studios are a recording studio and music production company based in the Kirkstall area of Leeds and offer services including recording, mixing, composition and sound design. They also offer tuition in music technology so you could learn a thing or two about the recording process if you wanted to. If that's not for you then it is at least worth noting that if they're offering to teach it they must know a lot about sound production and achieving a professional sound for your music!

They are very proud of the equipment they have at their disposal and list the entire setup on their website for you to have a look at. They also include pictures of the cosy looking rooms so you know what to expect before you pay them a visit!

Burning Studios, Glebe Avenue, Leeds, LS5 3HN.

Telephone: 07973 989915


Blueberry Hill Studios

Blueberry Hill studios is a four-room facility which makes our list for a number of reasons, the main one being it's spacious and well lit purpose-built recording spaces. An issue with too many recording studios is that they are often small, crampy and dark, which is a problem for people as they're not used to feeling like they're locked in a wardrobe. Blueberry wipe this stereotype out completely with some lovely modern spaces. They have an impressive kit list and also are a licensed venue with a live playing space, so you might be able to book yourself in to play and almost especially once they hear your recorded music!

BlueberryHill Studios, Unit 11, Kirkstall Industrial Park, Leeds, LS4 2AZ.

Telephone: 0777 6002995

Email: info

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