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Our Lessons

High-quality drum lessons with a professional teacher.

I teach all ages and abilities and all genres. Lessons are completely tailored to the individual and their goals.

I encourage a thorough education of all drumming styles and techniques in line with my own passion but I’m equally a strong advocate that learning any musical instrument is a distinctly unique and rewarding experience so am fully supportive of whatever it is you want to achieve with music.

As long as you can express to me what you want to do I can help you do it, from playing along to your favourite tracks to passing grades or just exploring your own unique sound or technique, it's all important.

I teach my students from a dedicated home teaching space in central Leeds - it is a great place to learn to play the drums, with all the equipment and resources that we need for our lessons. For a small number of students, I am able to travel to their location to teach them, there are limited slots for this and additional travel charges may apply - for more information simply get in touch via

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