Famous Bands from Leeds

At Drum Lessons Leeds we are always aiming to inspire our students to dream and achieve more by talking about the success stories of musicians from the city.

Whether this is newly-founded local groups making their first radio appearance or bands who have made it to the top of the industry performing on the biggest stage, it's always uplifting to see what musicians of the city of Leeds have and is continuing to produce.

Below are a few musical talents from the area that make up the core of Leeds' music scene; you might recognise a name or two.

Arguably Leeds' most successful group, the Kaiser Chiefs have been active in the music scene since 2000 and made their name in the indie rock genre. They've recorded five complete studio albums and have achieved two top 10 hits, I Predict a Riot in 2007 which reached number 9 in the singles charts and probably their most famous song Ruby which hit the number 1 spot, selling over 450,000 copies. The group formed in 1996 and most of the members had known each other since they were 11, being best friends at secondary school. They also had to work very hard to where they got to, as they failed numerous times to secure record deals with any music labels and eventually reforming from the band name 'Parva' to become the Kaiser Chiefs. They were noticed whilst playing at small live venues, and Drum Lessons Leeds would encourage you to take notice of this. The Kaiser Chiefs have become a national success and they got there through hard work and determination and can call themselves Leeds' best music product.

Another band from this page to have recorded at Leeds' own Chapel Music Studios, The Pigeon Detective are another indie rock group who have had success in the industry and have played at large festivals such as Reading and Leeds Festivals. They have had an abundance of media attention, receiving good reviews from the music side of things whilst also performing live on Sky Sports' Soccer AM show; four times. Pigeon detectives have been active since 2004 and have released 4 studio albums.

Sean Conlon was a member of boy band Five, who were active in the late nineties and early 00's. They enjoyed success worldwide particularly in the UK as well as being well established in the United States. The group sold over 2 million singles and 1.5 million albums in the UK alone. Conlon himself left the band in 2001 and pursued a solo career, performing in bars in London. He also works as a songwriter, co-writing the Boyzone song Let Your Wall Fall Down

Sean Conlon entered the recording studio for the first time at the early age of 11 and at age 13 performed for Harvey Goldsmith, Richard Skinner and Phil Collins after winning a young composer competition. It was this that earned him an audition for Five.

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